Mayank Singh

Full stack engineer


  • Lenspost, MumbaiMarch 2024 - Present
    Full Stack Developer
    • Developed the home page and user dashboard of the website, which displayed relevant user information and statistics.
    • Implemented a microservice architecture based on a Publish-Subscribe (Pub-Sub) System using RabbitMQ to efficiently handle the minting of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), reducing network congestion and load on the main server.
    • Created an explorer page where users can input transaction hashes to view the minting status of NFTs in the queue, enhancing user experience and transparency.
    • Utilized various technologies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), RabbitMQ, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Express.js, React.js, Next.js, Prisma ORM, Docker, and Node.js.
  • Physics Tutor: Taught physics to 500+ MHT-CET students. Profile Link:Unacademy
  • Youtube: Have over 6000 + subscribers and over 1.5 million + views. Help provide them free counseling. Youtube Link: YouTube


  • Version Control by META (Facebook): Certificate: Coursera
  • React by META (Facebook): Certificate: Coursera
  • Linux Commands and Shell Scripting by IBM: Certificate: Coursera
  • Databases and SQL by META (Facebook): Certificate: Coursera